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Henry Bergeson / Kaledoscope Designer
Handcrafted Kaleidoscopes

Henry Bergeson says this matter-of-factly as the snow falls gently on his mountaintop home. During his youth, Henry developed a love for things mechanical. He took his love and ability to a new level with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He was uncomfortable, though, with the analytical "hands-off" approach to engineering. Through the "real world" job experience, he developed a sense of the design. He was laid-off during the downturn in business in 1987, so he packed up and moved west. In Colorado, his new home, he followed his intuition and tried his hand at kaleidoscope building. And, well...the rest is in the making.


TURNITON is power packed with it?s own light source. This scope has a battery powered LED lighting system, designed by Henry, which shines through the side of an extra large liquid cell. The light turns on when you start turning the cell and turns itself off when you are done playing with it!
King's Ransom
King's Ransom

Here we have a scope for those who like options. The scope is fitted with a removable brass object case which opens and allows you to insert one of three liquid filled object cases, or make your own design using the selection of jewels supplied, or leave it empty and use it as a teleidoscope. It's your choice.
Sine dinky
Sine Dinky